This website provides a comprehensive guide to supporting autistic girls 1 at school. It has been developed by Yellow Ladybugs, together with the Department of Education and Training Victoria, and in collaboration with autistic females, parents, teachers, allied health professionals, and academic researchers.

Creating greater awareness of the unique challenges autistic girls face – both at school and at home – opens the door to better understanding, support and ultimately to the educational social and emotional wellbeing of these students.

The current obstacles facing autistic girls are many and varied – but they can be overcome with deeper knowledge, more effective support systems in place, open and honest communication between schools and families, and strategies that encourage families and schools to work together towards positive outcomes. Teachers and support professionals can be powerful allies in helping autistic girls feel understood, safe and accepted at school

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  • Autism and girls

  • The key challenges facing autistic girls at school

  • Practical school-based strategies

  • Personal, professional and academic experiences

1. Yellow Ladybugs is an inclusive organisation, and while the information found in this website has particular focus on autistic girls, we are using the term ‘girls’ broadly to include cis-girls, transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals, and anyone who is socialised, or identifies as female. This information may also be relevant to autistic cis-boys and gender diverse autistic individuals, and equally this information may not always be applicable to all autistic girls/women.