About Us

Yellow Ladybugs together with the Department of Education & Training Victoria and in collaboration with autistic females, parents, teachers, allied health professionals and academic researchers have produced this comprehensive guide that aims to provide greater visibility, better understanding and improved support for autistic girls.

This document has used person-first language (girls with autism) and identity-first language (autistic girls) interchangeably to respect the various views in the community. Creating greater awareness of the unique challenges autistic girls face - both at school and at home - opens the door to better understanding, support and ultimately, to the educational, social and emotional well-being of our tribe. The current obstacles facing autistic girls are many and varied - but they can be overcome with deeper knowledge, more effective support systems in place, open and honest communication between schools and families, and strategies that encourage families and schools to work together towards positive outcomes. Teachers and support professionals can be powerful allies in helping autistic girls feel understood, safe and accepted at school. School is an important step in the lifetime journey of autistic girls. Having a positive, validating educational experience can help provide the foundations for our girls to thrive.

Yellow Ladybugs also welcomes gender diverse autistic individuals to our events.